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We love the territory, nature and sustainability.


Produzione Lenta is a brand born at the end of 2016 in the Province of Cuneo. We produce and sell sustainable (as well as beautiful!)  organic cotton and recycled polyester clothing with prints that celebrate the territory, nature, and social themes dear to us.

Produzione Lenta was born as a celebration of the Piedmont area , specifically the province of Cuneo. 

Read here to find out more about the sustainability of our products and the supply chain.



From Monviso to Kilimanjaro and back

Our base camp is at the foot of Monviso, and from roots well planted in the Granda province we reach out to every reality that reflects our values .

Our first and most famous project is in fact the series of prints on Monviso , a mountain dear to us because it is a symbol of our region and of a lifestyle that celebrates the greatness of nature


Why Slow Production? 

All the Produzione Lenta collections because their creation takes place in a "slow" way : to avoid waste we do not produce before receiving the order, therefore the garments are made on request

Find out how our production lots work and what are the waiting times.

It's a Slow Production that is absolutely worth it!


Where you can find us

In addition to our e-commerce, Produzione Lenta is present in a number of selected stores , including the first eco-sustainable retail store in the world: Green Pea .

Here you will find the complete list of stores where you can find us!


Brilliant minds must work together!

We are open to new ideas and creative collaborations , if you share our values ​​and philosophy contact us to tell us about your projects!